Frequently Asked Questions

1. What A320 topics are taught in the A320 Airline
Exam Prep Course?

All major A320 systems, relevant from an airline exam perspective, are taught. Additionally, focus is centred on SOP, Normal and Abnormal procedures. A sample of some of the A320 systems covered, are listed below. (The List below is not comprehensive and is simply meant to illustrate some of the topics taught).

Chapter 01 - Pneumatics
Question - Which computer is responsible for monitoring APU bleed?

Chapter 02 - Air conditioning
Question - Which valves close in the event of an ACSC failure?

Chapter 03 - Pressurization
Question - What situation occurs when Ditching Pushbutton is pressed and LP ground cart is connected, assuming all doors and windows are closed?

Chapter 04 - Ventilation
Question - What is the position of Air Conditioning inlet Valve in smoke config?

Chapter 05 - APU
Question - What are the indications in case of an APU emergency shutdown?

Chapter 06 - Powerplant
Question - What is Approach idle?

Chapter 07 - Normal Procedures
Question - During engine start, If a leak is observed from the engine drain mast, what actions must the pilot perform?

2. Do you also teach CPL subjects?
Why is it important?

We also teach CPL topics, commonly asked in airline entrance examinations.These topics include Principles of flight , Powerplant, Meteorology, Human Factors etc. These topics have high relevance in Airline interviews as well. Typically, most students ignore CPL topics costing them the exam. Pro Tip: In Indigo’s A320 exam, 40 out of 100 questions were from CPL topics.

3. What are the credentials of your teachers?

Our mentors consist of active duty Airline Pilots, A320 certified ground instructors and more. Additionally, many of our classes are conducted by LTC (Line Training Captains). These pilots routinely conduct training and checks for airline pilots in active airline operations. We also have a certified Psychologist on our panel, who guides students during Psychometry and interview process. Our mentors have a combined experience of over 22,000 hours in airline operations and over 5 decades of work experience.

4. How are classes conducted?

Our classes are conducted through Live online Classes. Students may login from any smartphone, tablet or PC Students are invited to ask questions and get doubts clarified during online class sessions. We utilize state of the art flight simulation software to enhance the learning curve. You may observe some of the class videos in the link below. CPL: Aircraft Performance topics https://youtu.be/XVagnb8tvJ8?feature=shared A320 : Air India Exam Questions solved https://youtu.be/lWdK2GqquuU?feature=shared

5. What are classroom timings?

As our mentors are active airline pilots, class timings will be shared a day prior. This due to the dynamic nature of flight operations. This would mean class timings will change daily, but it would be intimated well in advance. Class itself lasts for 2-3 hours, on a given day.

6. How are mock tests conducted?

Mock tests are held frequently during course duration. Tests are video and screen monitored to ensure students attempt test seriously. Rank lists are provided to compare performance with other students.Frequent Testing helps identify weak areas and enhances learning curve.

7. Do you provide notes and other learning

Yes, students can access test answer keys and related QRA (Quick Revision Answersheets) by logging in to our website.

8. What is the duration of the course?

Course duration typically lasts approx. 1.5 months. However, this is dynamic and subject to approaching Airline examinations. Course duration may be extended or modified to ensure students may revise for approaching exam. This is at sole discretion of 360AA management.

9. How effective are your classes, in helping
students clear an airline exam?

360AA has routinely managed to secure a consistent 95% pass rate in all batches till now.

10. Do you offer interview training as well?

Yes, 360AA offers interview training as well. This is a separate course which candidates can enroll for. Mock interviews in front of a panel of Senior Captains and Psychologists

11. Do you offer sim training as well?

360AA has held sim training for previous batches. Sim training is subject to sim slot availability

12. How do I register for a course? What is
the mode of payment?

Students may register for a course by accessing our website. They would be provided a Link with payment details.

13. What are your course fees?

Kindly get in touch with our admin team for updated course fees.

14. Do you accept credit cards for payment?

No, we do not currently offer credit card payment methods.

15. Would I be able to pay an advance amount
and pay the rest later?

Payment must be completed in full to access course content

16. How do I follow you on Instagram?

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